WinJail Desktop 1.0.0: New Chroot/Jail solution for Windows is offered by WinQuota LLC

By WinQuota LLC Dec 20, 2006

WinQuota LLC announces release of a new product WinJail - Chroot / Jail implementation for Windows. The power of dedicated sandbox techniques of Unix-like systems is now brought to Windows platform by WinJail utility.

WinJail is a utility for Windows emboding and expanding chroot / Jail functionality of Unix-like systems. It provides transparent redirections of file operations from common places like Windows folders to private copies of them. WinJail also enables unique possibility to separate programs by users who launched it, and every user is able to use his private sandbox even for the same application.

Designed for wide use in administration and security purpose, WinJail works on the principle of Partial virtualization so that any effects of viral/trojan/spyware threat or mistake are not dangerous for the rest of the system's integrity.

Partial virtualization means that all processes started in jail trying to use files or directories are redirected by another address - copy of the files needed. This concept makes WinJail software indispensable in case of multi-user work or working in unsafe environment.

WinJail can be widely used for different purposes as

  • background for Anti-SpyWare, Firewall and so on. In this way all possibly unsafe processes like ICQ, MSN, MS Outlook and Internet Explorer are put in jail so that in case of destructive behavior no harm is done to the system. All files and folders that can be used by the process are copied from the real system and used by the process privately and transparently.
  • To safely test new software. Thanks to the limited scope of a jail every vulnerability or either bug in software will not jeopardize system integrity.
  • Important piece of servers' security. By moving internet-aware web servers, ftp servers, application servers, database servers to jail, you decrease possible risk of attacks, damage, and increase system stability in general.
  • For ease of administration reasons. When a computer is used by many users it is needed to establish a clean cut between their services, mainly for security. For example, it can be used in Internet Caf?. WinJail allows each user work in his or her own environment safely and easily backup and delete all user's files after his/her work is finished.

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