WinJail 1.0 Technical Preview: new process based virtualization solution is offered by WinQuota LLC

By WinQuota LLC Nov 22, 2006

WinQuota LLC announces the technical preview of WinJail 1.0, the real-time process-based virtualization solution utility for Windows. This version brings core functionality to provide "chroot"/"jail" like possibilities in Windows. Rather other solutions, you don't need to virtualizes whole windows system; you just able to specify private copy of files for certain process (including all system files except kernel and drivers), but keep registry, network, pipes and mailslots shared as usual.

WinJail is a fully automatic and real-time mechanism. Designed especially for administration, WinJail provides folders and files separately for any kind of applications, and with ability to provide private copies not only on per-process basis but also by users, groups, including support of Windows Domains and Active Directory network users.

WinJail guards your private application-specific files against unauthorized access to other parts of system and user files. Each user uses its' own copies of private files, including case many users using the same application on the same host.

WinJail provides the way to keep the system in a safe state from disasters like network attacks by worms, trojans and application errors.

WinJail provides separate copies for system-wide software like Internet Explorer, but without virtual machines like VMWare, XEN or VirtualPC. And to virtualize such application you even don't need to prepare files. By applying simple and user intuitive rule all files to be needed for guarded application will be copied to private folder automatically, and private copy will be used for all further operations.

All kind of Windows servers and desktops are supported by WinJail 1.0, beginning from Windows 2000.

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