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Action! 04.08.2005 - Every serious bug found in WinQuota 2.0 beta will be rewarded by a new updated version free! Just make a bug report, send it to us via email and use WinQuota without restrictions! Read more...

04.08.2005 - WinQuota 2.0 beta released:

  • Support of external scripts execution if software limitations exceed
  • Software and hardware quota settings are now operated separately from standard UI
  • COM API now available to use quota settings from your scripts and programs
  • New license policy now available: new discounts and special offers!
  • Updated documentation
  • Updated quota settings check and repair utility now available

21.01.2005 - We released new WinQuota 1.0.3 with the new features:

  • Deep directories now work well during the hierarchy moving before move/rename operations begin
  • Group accounts now are calculated more precisely at the time of directory moving
  • Now installation provides previous WinQuota version system components removal before installing a new version

Action! 19.01.2005 - First 100 buyers of WinQuota 1.0 will get it free! Just contact us via email to get your private serial number, and use WinQuota without restrictions!

17.01.2005 - WinQuota team offers competitive analysis with other products at the market. Read more...

17.01.2005 - WinQuota development team has started to make further versions of WinQuota. Versions 1.5 and 2.0 are coming soon!
WinQuota 1.5 will have COM API to maintain quota settings from any third-party program.
In Version 2.0 will be introduced soft quota settings with many types of user alerting when his type of quota exceeds. Notification can be performed including user scripts launch.

Action! 19.07.2004 - Now WinQuota 1.0 is released for beta testing. Everyone can use this version within trial period and inform us about suggestions, bugs and change requests! You're welcome at WinQuota Quarters!

15.07.2004 - WinQuota passed our internal tests, including wide stress tests according to Microsoft HCT program. Our system-wide solution works stable and doesn't provide any throughput lacks.

01.06.2004 - WinQuota 1.0 Beta released! Our company uses WinQuota at our Windows servers to provide accurate quota management for every user, every project, and to track collective shared folders.

WinQuota - disk quota utility download
  • $0
  • limited support
  • limited functionality when trial period expires

WinQuota - disk quota utility download
WinQuota - disk quota utility request full version
  • 1 year support of all present features
  • free updates and bug fixes
  • no limitations by processor
  • Action! $199/server

WinQuota (directory quota utility) features
  • limit the maximal size of each file or directory
  • set up different limit values for different users
  • set up different limit values for different groups
  • serve any existing user or group credentials from domains
WinQuota (directory quota utility) WinQuota (directory management software)

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