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In brief, every solution has its' own advantages and disadvantages. For example, Windows solution has no basic functionality to operate with directories, and as result you need other way to manage your resources effectively.

In other side, all solutions except WinQuota are not providing accurate hardware limits. So, SpaceGuard SRM uses directory rights to manage quotas and you'll get conflicts with your policy being used at the same time with quota management. WinQuota uses other algorithms to track quota limits; it provides accurate byte-n-byte limitations for all file activity without any changes of other system and security settings.

Other notice abilities like email, pager, SMS and other are not required for automated quota management. Really, it is necessary for SpaceGuard and others only as it have no advanced WinQuota techniques; and every quota overburn requires system administrator invasion to solve conflicts.

In brief, WinQuota is alone system with all basic functionality can operate without system administrator continuous assistance; the all attempts to reach over quota limits will fail at the system level, and the user' application will be notified via standard system error codes. The hard quota limit would not be exhausted in all kind of operations, including file moving, renaming, copying and other.

The comparison detals in table form is available here.

WinQuota - disk quota utility download
  • $0
  • limited support
  • limited functionality when trial period expires

WinQuota - disk quota utility download
WinQuota - disk quota utility request full version
  • 1 year support of all present features
  • free updates and bug fixes
  • no limitations by processor
  • $199/server

WinQuota (directory quota utility) features
  • limit the maximal size of each file or directory
  • set up different limit values for different users
  • set up different limit values for different groups
  • serve any existing user or group credentials from domains
WinQuota (directory quota utility) WinQuota (directory management software)

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