WinQuota 3.0, Effective Limitations

Suppose you have a computer/server, which is to be used by many different users and groups of users. There are several administrative tasks that are to be performed to ensure the effective and convenient work for all those users. One of such - very important - tasks is managing disk space the way that doesn't harm users too much and at the same time restricts their disk space appetite effectively and works at all times. The right way to handle that issue has its name: WinQuota.

The first thing that comes into mind when thinking of WinQuota is that it is an effective and reliable solution. WinQuota works in the real-time and controls ALL file system operations user performs. So, there is no way to "walk around the restriction" by moving or renaming files or creating temporary files, etc.

WinQuota supports the "soft" and "hard" limits for each quota. Administrator can easily set those limits for any file/folder and user/group of users. The hard limit is when the space which has been exceeded gets locked, while the soft limit means the amount of space that has been exceeded gets reported to administrator through any custom script you provide. Administrator can also set "exclusion patterns" for any quota; for example, user limit may not take into account generated log files or other system files.

Besides its main control interface, WinQuota can also be ruled through Web interface (requires IIS), and through the Windows Explorer's extension (means, WinQuota settings are accessible through the right-click menu on any file and folder).

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