WinQuota 3.0 - disk quota management software
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limit the maximal size of each file or directory
set up different limit values for different users
set up different limit values for different groups
serve any existing user or group credentials from domains
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  • WinQuota 3.0.4: Professional and Corporate, real-time quota management solution is offered by WinQuota LLC

    By WinQuota LLC Nov 21, 2006

    WinQuota LLC announces the release of 3.0.4 version of WinQuota, the real-time disk quota management utility for Windows. This version brings new features as SNMP monitoring, full Web based administration, new user interface, and support of 3rd party software execution if soft quota limitations exceed.

    WinQuota 3.0.4 is a fully automatic and real-time disk quota management mechanism. Designed especially for administration, WinQuota provides quota management for folders and files separately for any kind of users, groups, including support of Windows Domains and Active Directory network users.

    WinQuota guards disk space for any system wide process and provides the way to keep the system in a safe state from disasters like disk overflows. Usually if some service has eaten all disk space, other services fail too. But with WinQuota all other services will work continuously even if some service eats its limits.

    WinQuota 3.0.4 is enhanced with new friendly interface that allows easily cope with wide range of WinQuota features. Ability to generate reports gives an opportunity to hold composite analysis on space usage and monitor usage statistic.

    All kind of Windows servers are supported by WinQuota 3.0, including Windows 2000, Windows 2003, and Windows Appliance Edition.

    WinQuota 3.0.4 is available in two editions: Professional and Corporate.

    The WinQuota Professional is oriented to small and medium companies or divisions; it has all major features like soft/hard quota limits, notifications, exclude paths, and more. But as it is oriented to small and medium companies, it is optimized to work with hundreds of domain users,with relatively simple domain structure. It has no SNMP support and WinQuota Web Console as well as other enterprise features.

    The WinQuota Professional is limited to Windows 200, Windows XP, Windows 2003 on ix32 platform (32 bit Windows).

    In opposite to Professional version, WinQuota Corporate Edition is optimized for large and huge companies, with dozens of domains, thousands of users in that domains, multiple servers and has specially optimized interface. For example, WinQuota Professional is pretty simple to use, and in case of necessity to find users in domain, WinQuota Professional supports search capabilities with zero click. In other way, WinQuota Corporate Edition provides the ability to specify domains, active directory, and even LDAP queries to find users and groups in huge domains manually.

    Additionally, WinQuota Corporate Edition contains Web Console as an alternative way to manage quota limits remotely via browser, SNMP traps, SNMP management for all soft/hard limits and even for last attempts to excess soft quota limits, and more.

    Corporate edition is also expanded with support of Itanium platform and Windows 2003 x64 edition. WinQuota Corporate Edition works with Windows 2003 cluster environment, and Windows 2003 Appliance Edition.

    WinQuota LLC also now provides separate WinQuota SDK to give an opportunity 3rd party companies to use their own components, and integrate WinQuota into existing IT infrastructure transparently.

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