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WinQuota - Disk Quota Management Tool

To cover all network Administrator necessities, concerning managing space limits and monitoring their keeping, WinQuota LLC designed disk quota management mechanism WinQuota. It allows specifying rich set of rules to manage drive space without any additional re-partitioning or logical volume manipulation.

Designed especially for administration, WinQuota provides quota management for folders and files separately for any kind of users, groups, including support of Windows Domains and Active Directory network users.

There is a possibility to set quota limitations for any specified folders and files, including subfolders, inner mount points, system and sparse files, and all these limits will be managed in real time without manual intervention to solve "out of space" situations.

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WinJail 1.0 - moves your applications into sandbox
WinJail - Chroot /Jail for Windows

In many appliances we need to limit file system area for specific application instances, either to provide separate copy of shared files, or to secure other files from potentially unstable application, or reduce access to users, or for any other reasons... Fortunately, WinQuota LLC provided simple and easy-to use WinJail technology, that exactly provides it on Windows platform.

To cover network Administrator necessities, concerning managing safe and robust services with 24/7 appliances, WinQuota LLC designed jail management mechanism WinJail.

Designed especially for network administration, WinJail provides way to manage Windows impersonation techniques; every service or application can be limited with a couple of credentials dependent jails.

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WinArmor 1.0 - effective malware/spyware protection

Every vulnerability or bug in software brings attackers ability to damage whole disk data. Every mis-configuration of your shared services allows data sharing, you might not expect to show to anybody. To solve this, WinArmor provides way to keep applications in dedicated sandboxes. WinArmor brings power of these techniques on Windows platform and makes it easy to everyone.

Basically, most attacks today are oriented to grip on your computer, and work silently for such crime activity like exchange video, organize DDoS attacks, emit viruses, collect and send private information from your computer, or become spambot. All these non-acceptable activities have one known fact: all of them need to find vulnerability (and not only in software; social methods also works!) and keep its' presence on your computer for long time.

Now IT industry provides a lot of ways to remove, destroy, kill malware and protect your computer. But all these methods are either not efficient or works only after attacks; and all of them requires continuous maintenance (e.g. update versions, anti-viral databases, etc).

WinArmor is a preventive solution: you don't need to install and configure tons of "anti" software to decline attempts of attacks. Instead of infinite handicap, WinArmor provides imitation of successful viral attacks, but leaves your computer untouched. Simple reboot just removes all hooks from that software.

There is no 100% solution; as you know "silver bullet" is a myth and does not exist. But WinArmor makes your life easier in times, and makes it much harder for attackers.

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