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WinQuota provides separate WinQuota SDK to provide 3rd party companies its' own components, and integrate WinQuota into existing IT infrastructure transparently.

Usual WinQuota installation already has all required information, samples and documentation to develop your own extensions; but sometimes you'll nedd way to develop your own extensions without purchasing WinQuota for every developer' place. So you can download WinQuota SDK for free, and use it as basic test and development platform.

The WinQuota SDK contains:

  • WinQuota COM API libraries for Intel 32 bit architectures
  • WinQuota COM API libraries for Intel Itanium architecture
  • WinQuota COM API libraries for AMD64/EM64T architectures
  • Documentation
  • Examples
  • TLB files to be used with your programming environment like C#, C++, VB
  • The 32 bit version registers as OLE Automation objects being accessible from scripts.
  • WinQuota Control Panel (evaluation version)
WinQuota SDK have no WinQuota product inside and no real limits will be applied at runtime; it "simulates" quota settings with API instead. By installing WinQuota on the same computer all limits should work, but without WinQuota it will be operational for maintenance, but no real limits will be applied.

The following information can be useful to operate with WinQuota SDK as well as with WinQuota:

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