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We at WinQuota have dozens of years of experience in software development, especially in system programming:

  • kernel mode programming
  • driver development for Windows, Linux and Solaris
  • driver development for Symbian and Windows Mobile
  • excellent knowledge of C/C++, Win32 API, Linux architecture
  • embedded applications development, including RT
  • iPhone and smartphone software development
  • microcontrollers programming
  • hardware devices emulatators development
  • using C#.NET for system programming

We aren't busy with support all the time - and usually have free resources for outsourcing services. Since 2002 we provide our software development services to well-known IT companies and hardware manufacturers, and are interested in doing more business in this field!

We specialize in driver development, in particular our best experience is in:

  • file systems and file system filters
  • PnP drivers for real and virtual hardware
  • NDIS and NDIS IM drivers
  • Audio drivers
  • Network drivers
  • Video filter drivers
  • Kernel-mode high-performance network servers
  • MS Vista-specific driver development
  • 64bit and 32bit mixed environment driver development
  • Soft real-time applications development with custom drivers
  • Virtual devices drivers
  • Hardware device drivers, including network and audio controllers

We have experience in development for the following platforms:

  • from Windows NT 4.0 to Windows 2008
  • from Linux kernel 2.2 to 2.6
  • for Solaris, including OpenSolaris
  • from Windows CE.NET to Windows Mobile 6

We'll be glad if you get in touch with us for your software development needs. Our rates really rock, we bet you can't find any better! Just check it out here:

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