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WinQuota 4.5 - disk quota management software
Key features (full list)
limit the maximal size of each file or directory
set up different limit values for different users
set up different limit values for different groups
serve any existing user or group credentials from domains
WinQuota quota management tool
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  • Notifications

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    WinQuota provides default user named IUSR_WQUOTA to run notifications with low privileges. You can specify your own credentials for every script individually through UI (impersonation user/password fields).

    Usually Power User is enough to run most of scripts. Privileges less to Power User requires policy tuning, beginning from list of allowed applications to run, e.g. cscript.exe. In such critical cases it might be optimal, but this is not easy case. The typical privileges are:

    • Allow access from network
    • Allow process impersonation
    • Allow client impersonation
    • Allow batch logon

    So you can configure it manually through policy editor snap-in, local policy settings.

    Notification scripts

    We shipped just pretty simple scripts to send email notifications to specific address only; so if it is your case you need to

    • open such script, for example email_cdo_simple.vbs (this is easiest script which uses IIS components to send email, without authentication)
    • specify your email addresses and possibly email text (from address and recipient address are subjects to change).
    • store updated script wioth certain name you need.
    • specify this script as notification.

    In case you need to send email notifications directly to certain user(s), you need to use bit complex script like email_cdo_simple_ad.vbs with the same corrections for From address (To address is calculated automatically from AD). This way is applicable if all emails of your users are specified in AD (typical case). It works since w2k3 out of box; might need ADO upgrade on W2k.

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