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WinArmor 1.0
Key features (full list)
Spawn specific applications with sandbox
Manage profiles for every application and service
Automated templates
Sandbox' own system drive
Sandbox' own registry (both system and user settings)
Sandbox' own other drives (optionally)
Shared drives (CD-ROM, network drives, USB storage devices, particular hard drive partitions or folders) (optionally)
Shared TCP/IP services, named pipes and ither IPC services
Copy on demand feature
Support Windows 2000 - Windows 2008 (and Windows Vista)
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  • WinArmor Desktop

    WinArmor Desktop provides new efficient and safe way to operate with untrusted applications inside one Windows host, without virtual machines. It is oriented to work with standard desktop applications, especially Internet Explorer, MSN, ICQ, Outlook and Outlook Express (and other around 50 popular communication programs), with ability to configure any other applications you may need. With the help of WinArmor Desktop you are able to make your Internet surfing safe and comfortable, and your mistake will not cause system damage.

    Designed especially for both regular usage, WinArmor Desktop provides way to make system files private for a certain application. For example, using WinArmor your Internet Explorer will have private copy of windows files and registry, so "dangerous" sites will not be able to install different trojans, worms, and other unexpectable software into the system. For this "viralware", the attempt will seem to be successful; but in fact all system files will be left unchanged.

    So in our example, when you find such tool or installation, it is downloaded and started inside Internet Explorer safe. But in any case, all changes will be made in the private copy of registry and system files; and this software will live only in this limited sandbox. So if you find later this is not a good application, you just click "renew sandbox" button and the clean registry and clean system files will be used for the next start of Internet Explorer, without any post-effects.

    In brief, it is similar to having separate computer for every copy of such application, but have common files, common clipboard, pipes, and much more. WinArmor combines isolation and safety for every application instance and common usage of your PC with multiple applications at once.

    In two next illustrations you can find the difference between your system configurations without WinArmor and with WinArmor on example applications IE and MSN:

    without WinArmor antimalware software protection

    As you can see, in case WinArmor works, your armored applications are isolated from system by a specific layer at kernel mode, so no any usual application may walk around (this is point why WinArmor does not prevent from running rootkits: it works at the same level too. Fortunately, WinArmor is able to imitate installations for rootkits, when they are not activated).

    with WinArmor sandbox antimalware software

    At the next illustration you can see how WinArmor prevents such malware from gripping your system:

    WinArmor antimalware software protection process

    As you can see, WinArmor does not detect trojans or viruses or spyware, etc against known database; it is just protecting your files and isolates possibly dangerous applications in their sandboxes. Surely you can find disadvantages of WinArmor: if such application like ICQ is not routed to WinArmor sandbox, it may not be stopped by WinArmor and it has more chances to corrupt your system. So we suggest using WinArmor wide, for all programs working with Internet, except Windows Update (as you know, Windows Update needs access to your original system files to update).

    At the following illustration you can see how WinArmor removes malware by removing grips:

    WinArmor software protection - removing malware

    Fortunately, in most cases "curing" trojans and spies from registry and private folders will be enough. Hopefully, this operation is easy and can be applied automatically even at every IE/MSN/whatever startup, if you wish (or manually, if you prefer).

    Unlike other solutions, WinArmor Desktop has many other appliances; for example if you have many users at your host computer but one application is being used with certain files and configurations into common place, you can solve this easily. With the help of WinArmor Desktop, you will be able to route this; and every user will have his/her own configuration. With WinArmor approach you won't need two versions of one application installed or two copies of Windows.

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