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WinArmor 1.0
Key features (full list)
Spawn specific applications with sandbox
Manage profiles for every application and service
Automated templates
Sandbox' own system drive
Sandbox' own registry (both system and user settings)
Sandbox' own other drives (optionally)
Shared drives (CD-ROM, network drives, USB storage devices, particular hard drive partitions or folders) (optionally)
Shared TCP/IP services, named pipes and ither IPC services
Copy on demand feature
Support Windows 2000 - Windows 2008 (and Windows Vista)
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  • WinArmor Server

    WinArmor Server is specially designed to protect your server and all the services and applications from all kind of trojans, viral software and spyware attacks (except for rootkits). It provides additional security even to paranoid Microsoft Vista security for services; in addition to credential based protection WinArmor Server provides separation of file space for any kind of service you need.

    With WinArmor Server all services will still work transparently and share network, pipes, and all other resources, but all system and service-related files will be strictly bordered by walls. No virtualization - just change root of all drives to separate place with no performance penalty, and with additional simple but powerful access checks.

    Basically, WinArmor idea is simple: typically we have situation described at the following picture:

    without WinArmor Server security software

    In fact it means every service has an access to data of each other service (with exceptions if services are limited by separate users). As most of services works as "Local System" or "Network Service", the ACLs on files will not help to separate files.

    Fortunately, WinArmor Server brings new checks related to service instances. Every instance of service able to be limited by additional checks like "All files in folder WebSites are private to this instance; all other attempts to read or modify it should be broken". Or "these files are read-only and cannot be touched". There are not ACLs to files (as we have no users to be used). There are additional policies to specific services. As result, with these policies separation we'll get the following situation:

    with WinArmor Server security software

    But in fact it is not all that WinArmor does. Practically, every protected service has its' own virtual copy of system and shared files and even if such a service will be attacked and infected, the entire system and other services will not affected. Virtual copy means copy-on-write technology; unless shared file is modified it is not copied to these walls physically.

    Within WinArmor approach simple rules for clearing of non-managed files can be specified. In this case each restart of service will be the same as "cure" spell.

    The WinArmor Server works on Win2K, Win2K3, Win2K3 R2. It supports Pentium, AMD64/EM64T, and Itanium architectures.

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