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WinArmor 1.0
Key features (full list)
Spawn specific applications with sandbox
Manage profiles for every application and service
Automated templates
Sandbox' own system drive
Sandbox' own registry (both system and user settings)
Sandbox' own other drives (optionally)
Shared drives (CD-ROM, network drives, USB storage devices, particular hard drive partitions or folders) (optionally)
Shared TCP/IP services, named pipes and ither IPC services
Copy on demand feature
Support Windows 2000 - Windows 2008 (and Windows Vista)
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  • no limitations by processor
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  • Why WinArmor is not a silver bullet

    Malware protection is the discipline, not the tools. WinArmor provides you with an easy possibility to follow this discipline and gives you more freedom, but it does not replace discipline by tools.

    Why WinArmor?


    One of the best ways to keep your browsing safe is to be unlike others, but keep it most unnoticeable.

    Every time using Internet you carry a risk of beeing attacked by trojans, spyware, adware and any other malware, you know. Untill now, you have had only three ways (and they had become myths):

    • Every second keep in mind it is risky. This is similar to keeping in mind, that talking via your handy/cell phone is risky: your phone can blast. So you don't trust anything and you know much about social engineering and social-based attacks.

    • Use heavy monitors, firewalls, anti-viral software with the most up-to-date viral databases. This is a better way, but it reminds of a knight in full ammunition walking to the nearest shop for yet another beer. It is a better way, but is it really comfortable?

      Do you think it makes you protected, like Jedi Knight shields? Unfortunately, this is not right. Just take a look on such investigations like this or this; you'll find your knight ammunition provides you additional protection from 6% to 75%.

      The complete investigation is available at antivirus test papers. That is not the absolute truth, but it is the way for becoming a little more skeptic about anti-viruses.

      You bought modern antivirus. What do you think the average detection rate (i.e. a malware sample was identified as "something bad") is?"

      Let me give you the answer: it is 33%. In other words, an average detection rate of malware from these "solutions" was 33% with maximum at 75% and minimum at 6% (!). Keep in mind, that shiny anti-virus product you have just bought might be protecting you against just 6% of currently active and common malware (not some esoteric and custom uber-haxor stuff)!

    • And the last way is ignoring possible attacks. That is like swiming across the river, full of alligators: you should be really lucky to find the safe way.

    And, you know, Microsoft added a new way for security experts; it leaves you to decide what your computer is doing (bad idea, I guess). You're an ultimate expert, if you are able to understand the alert "Did you really start the process msmgs.exe?" while sending your email. Everything depends on your choice and one button click. (do not forget to use your knight ammunition and deep social engineering knowledge, of course. All of these staff is absolutely necessary to buy yet another beer, sure).

    Fortunately, WinArmor provides a new real alternative: stealth mode. With WinArmor, you don't need to quake every time you click the mouse button as you have a way to undo your changes. With WinArmor you don't need to use heavy Jedi lightsaber, you don't need fight against viral software, and your alligator adventure is tenfold safer than in general.

    What is WinArmor?

    There is no magic in there; this is just a new vision of safe Internet browsing. In a few words, WinArmor provides you with the possibility to undo unexpected changes after they were made. WinArmor have no viral databases and thousands of signatures; it uses simple fact that all viral software needs to be nailed to your system for further activity. So WinArmor imitates successful malware attacks attacks, but simple application restart of your preferred browser, email client, chat or messenger will remove all nails without affecting your data.

    Of course, knight ammunition (antivirus) is still helpful; if you want to walk across mine fields, two armors (and even a fancy shirt) are better than one, and additional 6% might keep your computer safe. However you may say good bye to the crazy technician idea that "every click is risky" - now you have a tool to make it safer and easier.

    To manage separate settings for every application, like browser, WinArmor provides the so-called "sandbox" in the same way as for Flash and Java.

    Every application in the sandbox has its own registry copy, and its own drives (they are parts of existing file system area, in the similar manner as for WinJail, but with some additions). All other resources (network, pipes, windows, etc) are shared to keep your usual activity unchanged.

    The typical sandbox contains:

    • it's own system drive
    • it's own registry (both system and user settings)
    • it's own other drives (optional)
    • shared drives (CD-ROM, network drives, USB storage devices, particular hard drive partitions or folders) (optional)
    • shared TCP/IP services, named pipes and other IPC services

    WinArmor is totally automatic and you don't need to manage applications yourself with hundreds of annoying notifications.

    WinArmor possibilities:

    • Spawn specific applications with sandboxes
    • Manage profiles for every application and service
    • Provide separation on per user/per group basis; different sandboxes can be used for the same process but with different effective credentials
    • Prepare sandbox environment with a friendly interface
    • Specify sandboxes to be applied automatically
    • With "copy on write", "shared", "private" and "immutable" folders, keep your data safe.

    WinArmor is designed for two preferred use cases: WinArmor Desktop and WinArmor Server.

    WinArmor provides predefined "armors" for around 50 most popular browsers, email clients, messengers, downloaders, chats, etc for Desktop; so in typical case you need to start WinArmor and enjoy (but keep in mind, that non-armored programs are still at risk).

    For Server, WinArmor provides predefined "armors" for typical server tasks, like sharing your web resources (HTTP, FTP, WebDAV, and more), network services (DNS, LDAP, etc) and other services available from Windows 2003 out of box, plus popular FTP and Web Servers. The main goal of Server edition is to keep your data secure and manage your services isolated from each other, like Linux-specific guards SElinux and AppArmor.

    Why WinArmor is an alternative?

    Safe browsing online

    Most known solutions (except exotic and specifically targetted) are oriented to protect your data after viral attack. WinArmor works in other way: it isolates most popular ways of attacks before attacks are initiated. It is similar to antivirus in your modem that informs you, that incoming data is possibly dangerous, but for every communication program separately and with ability to "undo" wrong decision. Even if your ICQ client is hacked, your system and other applications will stay safe.

    On the other hand, with WinArmor you can see, which files were coming with attack, and remove them easyly (as they are located in a separate place). This can be done without any experience, by only few mouse clicks. And it does not need much computer resources as opposed to other tools; WinArmor is a "lightweight" solutuon from that point of view.

    As an alternative to WinArmor, you need either dozen of tools to protect and clean your computer (spy sweepers, anti-viruses, firewalls, and much more). And of course, you need to control your hands to not allow such attack by typo mistake.

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