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WinQuota LLC offers flexible solutions for Windows servers that are designed to automate routine work flow, provide supplementary security and simplify Windows network administration process.

The main lines of activity:

Disk Quota Management Tools


Effective and reliable solution. WinQuota works in the real-time and controls ALL file system operations user performs. So, there is no way to "walk around the restriction" by moving or renaming files or creating temporary files, etc.

WinQuota provides a number of high-quality Windows utilities designed for automation of routine administrator work. Our disk quota software helps you to manage disk space limits and monitor their keeping in multi-user networks. To do this in the most comfortable and quick way, we designed two versions of software depending on specific character of the networks: WinQuota Professional and WinQuota Corporate.

WinQuota is folder quota manager and it is comfortable way to entrust monotonous disk usage control process and provide additional security for the whole system, avoiding data overflow. It can be applicable for wide cases, including limits for home directories and more.

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WinArmor Malware Protection Tool


Indeed one of the best ways to deflect attacks is to make them look like they're succeeding. It's the software equivalent of playing dead. No, it doesn't work 100% of the time. It works 95% of the time, and it reduces the problems you'll have twenty-fold.

This new approach developed by WinQuota brings the new power of anti-viral, anti-trojan, anti-worm, anti-spy (and other "anti") techniques to Windows platform. WinArmor is a malware protection tool which provides new efficient and safe way to operate with untrusted applications inside one Windows host without virtual machines and even with administrative rights. In a few words, WinArmor provides you with possibility to "undo" the malware, without any difference, whether it was your mistake or succeeded attack.

Designed especially for both casual and regular usage, WinArmor provides "playing dead" technique for any system attacks, but without breaking your Windows. It makes system files and registry private for a certain application or user, with an easy way to manage them, so even inexperienced user is able to remove unexpected software in one click. This concept makes WinArmor software indispensable in case of multi-user work or working in unsafe environment.

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Chroot / Jail for Windows


Just a full implementation for Chroot/Jail for Windows. It works as you need: it chroot'ing folders and registry in an administrators' friendly way.

This is an implementation of jail (chroot) for Windows. It contains all necessary abilities to specify new "root folder" for every drive individually, for each instance of application separately. WinJail contains many advantages, specific to Windows platform; for example it provides ability to use individual registry copy for each application instance in the same manner as for root folders for drives.

Designed especially for casual and regular usage on servers and desktops, WinJail provides the way to separate folders for a certain applications. The typical appliance of WinJail is limiting your services like FTP or Web to specific isolated environment, physically as part of entire file system trees, but "chroot-ed" applications have access only to its' own parts.

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WinQuota LLC takes care of meeting all Customers requirements for its products. We make all our efforts for being sensitive to all Customers needs and are always pleased to provide individual solutions. We have prepared an individual solution for the Insta Growing project. And now the Instagram views works on is based on the technology of the Winquota.

All our products can be downloaded from our website and evaluated for 30 days. For all our Customers a year of free product update is provided.

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WinQuota Corporate 4.5.15 is available
WinQuota Professional 4.5.15 is available
WinJail 1.0 Beta4 is available
WinArmor Desktop 1.0 is coming soon

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