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    Network management with WinQuota

    WinQuota in network

    One of the most important use cases of WinQuota is network access to server with shared disk space that needs to be controlled, as displayed on the image below:

    In a typical network, even with heterogenic environment, you just need to install WinQuota only to the file or application server host; there is no need to install it to all the other computers in the network ("clients" to shared files).

    The typical cases for WinQuota to be applied are:

    • File server with shared files
    • FTP server with upload enabled
    • HTTP server with upload enabled
    • HTTP server with FrontPage extensions enabled
    • HTTP server with WebDAV extensions enabled

    The anonymous clients (and guests) can be processed as well as domain users (including NTLM authentication for FTP/HTTP servers).

    File servers

    There is the most simple but efficient way to manage your files on shared server. You just need to install WinQuota at your file server, and configure quota limits for shared directories independently via per-user/per-group basis. The simple configuration contains:

    • File server with WinQuota installed
    • Domain controller (Active Directory); it can be the same as file server.
    • Clients.

    If file server and domain computer is the same host, you just need to install and configure WinQuota as you need (see quota management documentation for details). In case you have PDC/AD at a different host, do not forget to add your file share server to domain before.

    If you have no domain controller/active directory, just disable guest account to your file server, and disable "impersonate network users as anonymous" local policy to enable per-user quota settings. The local policy trick is required in case you're planning to use Windows XP host instead of W2K/W2K3 server.

    HTTP servers

    WinQuota also works with HTTP servers, such as IIS. In case your HTTP server has no upload features enabled (directly or through extensions like WebDAV or FrontPage Extensions), you don't need to install WinQuota for this host (but check system service management with WinQuota for other cases, when you still need it).

    However, in case you are planning to use any file-based exchange over HTTP or extensions like WebDAV, WinQuota is your choice. Like for file shares, WinQuota offers quota limits maintenance in directories for IIS and any CMS with system level authentication.

    To configure WinQuota, you should specify WinQuota limits as usual but for upload directories as for file shares. At the time of configuration you need to keep in mind the following points:

    • Anonymous uploads will be managed by specific IIS user, so you need to specify either "Anyone" or IUSR_XXX accounts to manage quota limits.
    • Non-anonymous users with NTLM authentication can be handled the same way as it is done for file shares.

    FTP servers

    WinQuota supports any FTP servers you might use; but, please, note if your FTP servers are:

    • With system authentication and impersonation, like FTP service from IIS. For this case WinQuota works by the same way as for file shares or for HTTP servers.
    • With custom database without any relation to NTLM authentication. For these servers only "Anyone" credentials will work.

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