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WinQuota 4.5 - disk quota management software
Key features (full list)
limit the maximal size of each file or directory
set up different limit values for different users
set up different limit values for different groups
serve any existing user or group credentials from domains
WinQuota quota management tool
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    WinQuota on attached storage

    WinQuota can work at any kind of storage, like CAS, SAS or NAS (in case all of them use NTFS file system and Windows supports these devices). SAS and CAS devices are supported on the regular basis. But when a NAS device is used, you have two different cases:

    • - NAS is not attached directly to network, and all resources are reflected by separate Windows host via re-sharing mechanism or via DFS. In this case WinQuota should be installed to this host.
    • - NAS is attached directly to network, and uses Windows internally, like Windows 2003 Appliance Edition. In this case WinQuota can be installed directly on NAS to manage your quota limits.
    In case your NAS have no Windows inside, it should not be shared directly to network. You'll need W2K or W2K3 host as proxy for NAS access (see clusters section as an example). In case you'll share your NAS directly without WinQuota inside, WinQuota will not handle access to your files as you may expect.

    WinQuota in clusters

    WinQuota works in W2K and W2K3 clusters, including support of active/passive nodes, nodes file replication and dedicated storage devices such as NAS/CAS/SAS (see attached storages). The typical and recommended WinQuota approach is demonstrated at the following picture:

    You should use WinQuota with failover solutions, HA clusters and other, including cases with active/passive nodes separation (as demonstrated above).

    If you are planning to use WinQuota at your cluster, you should need the same amount of WinQuota licenses as you have cluster nodes, including active and passive nodes both.

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