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WinQuota 4.5 - disk quota management software
Key features (full list)
limit the maximal size of each file or directory
set up different limit values for different users
set up different limit values for different groups
serve any existing user or group credentials from domains
WinQuota quota management tool
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  • How to prepare us bug report

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    Important note

    Every 3-4 months, as we release a new WinQuota version, you get an opportunity to provide us assistance in beta version testing. Beta versions are usual packages at the last testing process phase, and you are able to use it as a trial version to track new features you might need; and there is a good chance to get latest WinQuota version for free.

    In case you see any serious problems, please, report it to us! Every unique bug report will be awarded by an updated version with serial number for commercial usage.

    This document describes how to collect sensitive information for a bug report, and determines the important issues we are expecting from your side to send you feedback with either updated or commercial version for $0.

    Required fields

    These fields mostly required to prepare serial numbers for you:

    • Your name
    • Your company or organization name
    • The number of licenses you intend to buy additionally (optional).

    BSOD or unexpected reboot problems

    If you see the blue screen of death, please, be sure there is a serious problem; please immediately report us about it.

    The beta version includes debugging information; you'll see it at the bottom of BSOD if it appears. Please, collect this information in details, and send it to us. It will provide us more information and we'll fix your problem faster.

    Typical information on the problem has the following format:

    • The brief description of the problem at the top of screen.

      Example: BAD_POOL_CALLER, IRQL_LESS_OR_EQUAL, or such other Microsoft abbreviation.

    • Debugging information beginning with information referring to files.

      Example: Files opened: 450, Files processed: 1045673

    • Information related to our code.

      Example: Thread 4: at fileopen.c(815), at fileopen.c(756), at fileopen.c(193), at fileioctl.c(53) at drv.c(121)
      Last : IRM_MJ_CREATE
      Last <:flags = 0x0, disp = 0x0, mode = 0x0, opts = 0x0>

    In case you have unexpected computer reboot, please, open Control Panel > System > Advanced > Startup and Recovery page, and remove checkbox selection from “automatically reboot” option; it might keep you last BSOD appeared for bug report.

    System hangs and reboots were not inspired by BSOD

    It means that there are the most unpredictable serious problems. In this case, please provide us as much information as possible, including:

    • Exact operating system version with service packs and hot fixes installed
    • The list of software you are currently using, including database servers, firewalls, and antiviral software
    • Your last actions and used program, if system hangs were detected at the time of your presence near terminal
    • Last few minutes event log and alerts content
    • System alerts (if appeared) at console window or at yellow balloon
    • Exact action you tried to implement (like network access to the server or so), including program you used.

    Other problems

    All other problems may be also serious, beginning from “my quota settings are lost” and ending “Your software causes crash of my notepad”. In these cases, please, provide us the following information:

    • Problem description
    • Exact program name and version you've used
    • Your action that evokes the problem
    • What you expected to see
    • What you see instead of what your have expected
    • You may also attach screenshots if you think it is necessary

    Adherence to the recommendations above will provide you with fast response and fixes, and will supply us with detailed information on the problem. Thank you for your assistance!

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