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WinJail 1.0
Key features (full list)
allow jailing all drives
set up different jail zone templates for different users
set up different zail zone templates for different groups
serve any existing user or group credentials from domains
support copy on demand feature
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  • What is jail/chroot?

    Practically, all applications works on the same file and folder space named mounted file systems. For UNIX based platforms, the root point is named "/". On Windows, we have many roots for every disk drive separately, but in all cases there is common file system logical space.

    The basic idea of chroot is use such sub-tree (like C:/TEMP) as mutual root of the drive, but only for specific application(s). For example, such application "Foo" uses many files on root of drive C:. In chroot, it will continue to use logically these files; but physically all files will be placed at C:\TEMP folder for example rather C:\.

    What is WinJail?

    WinJail is full implementation of chroot, with additional features like "copy-on-write" mechanism applied to chroot'ed files, additional registry based chroot, and more.

    WinJail has templates that can be applied for all applications started from specific folder, or for applications with exact name "Foo.exe", and so, and these templates can be configured to apply it immediately as appropriate program becomes to start, even without reconfiguration of start point for that program.

    Designed for effective host administration, WinJail provides the way to manage Windows impersonation techniques in conjunction with templates; each service or application now can be limited with a couple of credentials defined in template. For example, all "Foo" programs might be placed to specific chroot but only if user "John" started it.

    In addition, WinJail announces technology named "copy on write". To work with chroot'ed application, you need to copy all system content into jails, including windows, if system drive alsio chroot'ed. But forget about this with WinJail! When accessing such chroot'ed files for the first time, it will be copied automatically into jail. To be sure the private data will not be copied, WinJail provides ability to mark certain folders as "private"; such folders will not be copied to jails.

    For example, program "Foo" needs to use such system files from Windows directory. So in classical way you need to prepare chroot'ed environment for this case: you need to copy these files manually. But with CoW technique with WinJail it might be done automatically and only when it is needed.

    WinJail possibilities:

    • Spawn specific applications with jail
    • Manage templates for applications
    • Provide separation on per user/per group basis in templates
    • Prepare jail environment with friendly interface
    • With "copy on write" folders, make mangement of your chroot environment fast and user friendly.

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