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limit the maximal size of each file or directory
set up different limit values for different users
set up different limit values for different groups
serve any existing user or group credentials from domains
WinQuota quota management tool
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    WinQuota SDK have no module that manages quotas and should not be used as replacement of WinQuota Pro and WinQuota Corp in production. It is designed only for development purposes.

    Please be sure you've downloaded proper version:

    To evaluate WinQuota, you need to install one of these versions (there are mutually exclusive, so you cannot install both versions at one time at the same computer), and follow the next simple rules:

    1. Start WinQuota Control Panel (after installation ends, it will be started automatically).

    2. Specify any folder you need to limit, for example 'c:\test', by menu 'Edit->Add'. If the folder you need does not exist, please create it. Important note: folder must be placed on NTFS volume, not at FAT32.

    3. Following the dialogs, specify user to be limited (or Anyone for all users), and specify limits (for example by typing 20M for hard limit and for soft limit both).

    4. As dialogs completed, please use menu 'File->Apply changes'. There is important point: until you applied all limits, it will not be started. But as you applied it, it becomes to play immediately for all files newly created or opened on controlling folders, including all sub-folders automatically.

    5. If necessary, please repeat points 2-4 for any new folder you planning to manage with WinQuota.

    6. Using any program you need, for example Windows NT Explorer, try write files to controlling folder (in example above there is c:\test).

    7. As file is written, in WinQuota Control Panel select menu 'View->Refresh' (or simply press button F5). As you can see, the occupied size will be increased exactly at file size you written.

    8. And finally, select many files (or one huge file) with total size greater than limit you specified (for example, you can choose 40MB, as limit still have 20MB in our example). When you try to copy these files into to folder c:\test (or any other folder you specified), not all files will be copied. As soon as the maximum amount of 20 Mb is reached, the copy process will be stopped and "Not enough free space on target drive" error message will be displayed (it may vary depending of program currently using. For example, WinNT Explorer will start message box with suggestion to free remove temorary files before copying).

    Of course, there is pretty simple basic scenario, but even with it you can see how WinQuota works.

    WinQuota works with any kind of applications interacting with these limits; it can be any user or system process (when selecting system processes, please specify appropriate users really acts with files). And any operations like modifying files, superseding files, creating new files, changing size of existing files, and renaming are being controlled on the fly.

    Additionally, WinQuota provides way to operate with soft limits, launching any scripts or applications as notifications that soft limit is overborne; provides couple of notifications like email, SMS alerts; provides WinQuota COM API to operate with limits from scripts and other programs; SNMP support (corporate edition only), Web based access (also known as WinQuota Web Console, corporate edition only), and more.

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